Order your 100% individual animation

Please contact us for your individual animation request. To get a picture of pricing, please check our pricing matrix below

Pricing of an individual landscape animation clip depends on following factors:

  1. Type of content
  2. Render time (calculated by duration, quality and resolution)

1. Type of content

This is the first pricing factor. It depends on the content you want to have that defines the amount of work for creating the animation. The variation goes from simple mountain flights and cloud movements to complex water animations with waves or scenes with plants, trees or other 3D-objects. Generally you can say: The more in the scene, the higher the amount of work – and by that, the price.

2. Render time

The render time depends highly on the duration of the clip, the quality (the render quality of single frames, not the movie quality, as high quality fotoJPEG.mov files is our delivered format.) and the resolution (up from 640×480 to 2K – 2048x1536px). We have 2 systems for rendering of a clip, which usually takes several weeks. If both systems are occupied we will give you the soonest possible date to render your clip.


Type of content: Medium (Terrain, Sky with clouds, no water, no 3D-objects)

Render Time – Duration: 30 seconds, Quality: Medium (0.5), Resolution: Medium (1280x720px)

==> Time:

30 seconds x 25 frames per second = 750 frames

750 frames x approx. 15 minues render time per frame = 11250 minutes = 187,5 hours = 7,81 days


Please see our pricing matrix for details: